Chiefs news: Patrick Mahomes' new toss, Jared Wiley buzz, and more

Here's all of the latest buzz and news from Kansas City Chiefs minicamp.
Super Bowl LVIII - Kansas City Chiefs Practice
Super Bowl LVIII - Kansas City Chiefs Practice / Jamie Squire/GettyImages

Here's all of the latest buzz and news from Kansas City Chiefs minicamp.

The Kansas City Chiefs were back for the second day of practices at minicamp on Wednesday and there's plenty of quotes, buzz, discussion, and insights flying around as reporters got a good look at the state of the roster once again.

This was the last good look before players are given a significant break and training camp gets underway in late July. Here's what's worth noting in the last 24 hours:

Hollywood Brown is good as advertised

For those who are hoping that free agent wide receiver Hollywood Brown would provide everything the Chiefs have been missing at the position: you're in luck. He's as good as advertised.

Brown has displayed great chemistry with Patrick Mahomes so far in OTAs and minicamp and that's a testament to the work they've put in together. It also helps that Brown is a very talented player himself with a good body of experience. After a year spent leaning on young players to grow up quickly, the Chiefs have found themselves a true 1A to lean on with Travis Kelce, especially while Rashee Rice deals with a looming suspension.

In addition, Brown's skill set gives them the ability to stretch the field even more than before, and if Xavier Worthy can get healthy by training camp, the Chiefs will also have speed for days between the pair.

“We’re fast, we’re definitely fast,” Brown smiled. “We’re going to put a lot of pressure on people for sure. I just think it’s going to be exciting, everyone should be excited for it.”

Mahomes wants to add a pitch

If Patrick Mahomes wants to add another pitch to his arsenal, we're not going to stop him. He already has the left-handed pass and the no-look down, and he's working on the behind-the-back, of course. But what about a... knuckleball?

Matt Waldron of the San Diego Padres has one of the best knucklers in the majors and while we're not sure the throw can transcend utility in sports, if Mahomes wants to give it a go, who's going to try and stop him?

It turned into this bit of hilarity when baseball analyst Rob Friedman put the two deliveries together. (Seriously that's a great job!)

Then, of course, Waldron himself had to get in on the conversation and added a last bit of advice for Mahomes.

At this point, we're not sure whether we'll see that in a game, but Chiefs Kingdom has definitely learned to never say never. (Although the lengthy delivery does have me a bit concerned...)

A new TE emerging

Don't look now but the Chiefs have the NFL's next great tight end.

Okay, we're getting carried away and being silly, but the truth is fourth-round pick Jared Wiley is looking like a man who belongs from his first days in spring practices for the Chiefs at mandatory minicamp. Wiley is generating significant buzz from reporters watching practices and it feels like he could be a useful weapon as early as this season.

Tight end Travis Kelce has already said good things about Wiley in his comments to the press, saying that he's farther along in understanding the game than he was at this point. When you add consecutive days where Wiley is turning heads among his peers and you've got some strong word-of-mouth heading to training camp.

Given the buzz, fans will be excited to see him up close and personal for themselves when training camp opens in St. Joe. Together with Noah Gray entering his contract year, the Chiefs are truly loaded at the position.