Chiefs news: Mecole Hardman honored, Kansas lawmakers try to lure team, and more

A look at the latest news from Chiefs Kingdom including a tribute for Hardman and a patient free agent cornerback.
Super Bowl LVIII - San Francisco 49ers v Kansas City Chiefs
Super Bowl LVIII - San Francisco 49ers v Kansas City Chiefs / Ezra Shaw/GettyImages

We're officially into the doldrums of summer—the space between mandatory minicamp and training camp in St. Joseph, Missouri—which means news is going to be sparse for Kansas City Chiefs fans. Still we're putting our best effort forward to keep you informed, even if that means we're touching on things that aren't so front and center.

As we're all taking time to enjoy the summer, here are the latest bits from here and there concerning the Kansas City Chiefs.

Mecole Hardman honored by hometown

Bowman, Georgia isn't exactly a haven for NFL talent—or even big names. In the 2020 census, the town reported a shade under 900 residents, so you can imagine how proud they are to have Mecole Hardman represent them in the National Football League.

Hardman was honored with a nine-foot-tall granite structure that tips a cap to Hardman's time at the University of Georgia as well as his three Super Bowl championships with the Chiefs. You can see the structure here:

Given Hardman's two-time All-SEC honors, his 2019 Pro Bowl and All-Pro mentions, and his championship experience, the veteran wide receiver is a hero for more than just the folks in Bowman.

Free agent CB is being patient

The Chiefs have a bright young secondary filled with hopeful prospects preparing to show off for coaches in training camp next month. However, the team might also look green enough at corner to force the front office to keep an eye on the free agent market. And one player who could likely teach a thing or three to Chiefs DBs is Stephon Gilmore.

K.C. has been named as the best fit for Gilmore already this offseason, and a marriage may be an eventuality once the rubber meets the road. It would make sense for Gilmore to keep his options open since it doesn't matter whether he signs in mid-June or late July.

As for the Chiefs, they've kept any veterans at bay in the secondary in order to get a close look at the youthful competitors in the mix at OTAs and minicamp. If they like what they see, they could stand put, but a late-stage signing also makes sense.

As for Gilmore, he says he's "remaining patient" for the ideal opportunity to come along. Whether that will be in K.C. remains to be seen.

Kansas lawmakers prepare for Tuesday session

It's quite possible we'll hear more details about how Kansas lawmakers are preparing to get the Chiefs to their side with a new stadium proposal. A special session in Topeka is coming together early this week to discuss other matters, but it's possible a bill is introduced in an attempt to secure one or both professional sports franchises of the Royals and Chiefs into building a permanent home on the Kansas side of thing.

Kansas House Speaker Dan Hawkins says that a bill is "ready to go" but Democrats say they haven't seen anything yet. Here's a full rundown of where things are at and what's at stake.