Chiefs news: Matt Bushman says his playing days are likely behind him

Former Chiefs tight end Matt Bushman recently spoke about the potential end of his professional career.
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For the last couple of years, fans of the Kansas City Chiefs have read Matt Bushman's name slotted in as tight end depth on the franchise's offseason 90-man roster and the team's 16-player practice squad during the regular season. That won't be the case this season.

Bushman has been a familiar face to watch among the players competing for a coveted active roster spot below Travis Kelce on the depth chart in recent years. He's become familiar because it's felt as it he's actually crept closer and closer to his goal of moving up. Unfortunately things haven't worked out to date.

Now, to hear Bushman tell his own story, it sounds as if another attempt isn't in the works.

Former Chiefs tight end Matt Bushman recently spoke about the potential end of his professional career.

Bushman entered the NFL as an older prospect (thanks, BYU) who went undrafted in 2021. He landed a rookie free agent deal with the Las Vegas Raiders, and he hung on for a practice squad spot in that first season in Vegas for most of the year—until a mid-December release brought him into free agency.

The Chiefs didn't act quickly but they did eventually work their way around to signing Bushman to a reserve/futures deal for the 2022 offseason, and that's where Bushman remained—with the Chiefs—for the last two years.

In a recent interview with the Y's Guys podcast (a BYU-centric podcast), Bushman talked about his desire to play in the NFL and the difficulties to make it happen. At this point, he knows it's a stretch, however, and he's got a proper perspective on it all, even if it's tough to admit.

“If a great opportunity presents itself in the NFL again, I’ll take it, but after a lot of prayer and a season of thought, I felt it was time to take the next step and move away from football."

Bushman felt like he was on the brink of the active roster last year until a broken collarbone took him out of the running in training camp. Then the Chiefs signed Irv Smith Jr. and drafted Jared Wiley, which only further crowded a position that was tough to break into. Suddenly the Chiefs were four deep with Noah Gray included in the mix and Bushman knew it was time.

"It’s kind of a ‘gut feeling’ of knowing when it’s time to be done. This isn’t a retirement announcement, but I’m taking those steps to move on."