Chiefs news: LeSean McCoy's belief, JuJu rumors, Kelce's support and more

Here's all the latest news on the Chiefs or about them—including a potential return to the trade block for JSS and LeSean McCoy's empassioned defense of the team.
Super Bowl LV
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Is there a better hype man than Travis Kelce? We don't think so.

As fun and passionate and supportive as Kelce is for various things, there's only one person who has his heart these days, so imagine how much lift Taylor Swift receives with Travis Kelce by her side this offseason.

Kelce has been a frequent attendee at several stops on Swift's global Eras Tour and even though he's seen the show multiple times and even participated in one, the most recent word on a show in London is that he got emotional watching his partner do what she does best. That's love, folks.

We're not sure how many more stops he's going to be able to make with her on the tour for the rest of the year with Chiefs football coming into view for training camp later this month. But he's doing all that he can now to help, that's for sure.

JuJu Smith-Schuster back on market?

It wasn't so long ago that JuJu Smith-Schuster was rebuilding his reputation on a single-season deal with the Chiefs. In fact, it was 2022, a year in which Smith-Schuster led the wide receivers oni the team in catches and yards and helped provide another offensive playmaker to help carry the Chiefs to their second Super Bowl title of the Patrick Mahomes era.

That offseason, just one year ago, the Chiefs watched Smith-Schuster land a nice payday from the New England Patriots in the form of a three-year deal worth up to $25.5 million. Unfortunately he caught only 29 passes for 260 receiving yards in 11 games in an injury-riddled season. Even this offseason, he's still working his way back to 100 percent and the Pats have to have buyer's remorse.

That makes Smith-Schuster a ripe candidate to be traded once again, or even released outright, at some point in the near future. Alex Ballantine of Bleacher Report has Smith-Schuster on the trade block and says if he can't form early chemistry with the new Patriots quarterback, Drake Maye, it would make sense to explore what little return they might get.

LeSean McCoy's passionate belief in the Chiefs

LeSean McCoy knows a thing or two about Andy Reid and the Chiefs' ability to win a championship. After all, in the twilight of his career, the Chiefs brought him in to bolster the backfield and he helped to deliver the first of three rings in this golden era of football in Kansas City.

Since then, McCoy has taken his talents into the broadcasting booth where he's currently an analyst and talking head on FS1's Speak along with Emmanuel Acho and Joy Taylor. And the Chiefs... well, they've just kept on winning as much as ever with consecutive Super Bowl wins and four appearances in the last five championship games.

While no team in NFL history has won three Lombardis in a row, the Chiefs are in prime position to do just that—against all odds. And while most analysts are taking the odds route, McCoy isn't having it.

On a recent episode of Speak, McCoy passionately defended the Chiefs against basically any other contender. In fact, he wouldn't even debate his colleagues. When asked about which teams match up best with the Chiefs, he said "no one!" He wasn't arguing. In a separate moment, he made a more empassioned statement about how every year brings up the same questions as to who can take down the Chiefs and how he wouldn't be a part of it.

If you've got some free time, the whole segment could be worth a listen.