Chiefs news: Creed Humphrey named among NFL's Top 50 players

Creed Humphrey is elite even by NFL standards.

Kansas City Chiefs v Las Vegas Raiders
Kansas City Chiefs v Las Vegas Raiders / Chris Unger/GettyImages

The Kansas City Chiefs knew they had a good player on their hands when they first selected Creed Humphrey in the 2021 NFL Draft. As an experienced player from a well-coached program like Oklahoma with excellent technique, Humphrey was already considered by most scouts to be about as pro-ready as they come.

What folks might not have realized in that pre-draft season was whether or not the NFL was ready for Humphrey.

Just two years into his professional football career and Humphrey is already the best center in the AFC as a second-team All-Pro. He was third on Offensive Rookie of the Year voting (yes, as a center) in '21, and he made his first (of what will be many) Pro Bowls in 2022. Oh yeah, he won a championship as the young cornerstone of the league's best offense this year as well.

Creed Humphrey is already elite even by NFL standards.

If Jason Kelce were to retire, Humphrey would likely take his place as the consensus best center in football, but there's still plenty of time for Humphrey to make that ascent given the age difference between the two.

These are all good reasons why Pro Football Focus has decided to bestow upon Humphrey the latest honor due to him in the form of referencing him as the 33rd best player in the National Football League coming into the 2023 season. PFF is counting down the top 50 players for this year and Humphrey is the latest Chiefs player to make the list, coming in just before Zack Martin of the Dallas Cowboys but after Andrew Thomas of the New York Giants in a run of offensive linemen.

There should be little doubt that, barring injury, Humphrey is well on his way to building a signififcant long-term legacy at the position. He's already started every single game of his NFL career and the Chiefs would be wise to figure out a way to keep Humphrey happy at the heart of their offense well beyond his rookie deal. If so, we'll be referencing Humphrey as a future Ring of Honor member (and perhaps more) in short order.