Chiefs host Taylor Swift in addition to Chicago Bears for visit in Week 3

Taylor Swift chooses to Speak Now and be Fearless in her support for Travis Kelce.

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Where there's smoke there's fire, and that's proven true of Travis Kelce's relational rumors—at least enough to bring globally recognized superstar Taylor Swift to Arrowhead Stadium to support Kelce as he plays for the Kansas City Chiefs on Sunday.

The Chiefs are hosting the Bears on Sunday, but given the abysmal state of the franchise, it seems as if more people are excited to see Swift at Arrowhead. At least that's one matchup that no one is quite sure how it's going to work out.

Kelce reportedly reached out to Swift in recent months after trying to give her his number during her K.C. stop on her uber-popular Eras tour. It's taken some time since then, but there have been rumors in recent weeks that the pair have indeed spent time together but details are completely unknown. For now it's Folklore. It's not also our business.

Taylor Swift chooses to Speak Now and be Fearless in her support for Travis Kelce.

Given that the Bears are far worse as a franchise than the Chiefs, it's possible that Kelce could join his guest in a fancy suite by halftime and let Noah Gray do the heavy lifting at tight end. We're pretty sure if things go wrong, he could also point to Swift and say "Look What You Made Me Do." At that point there's Bad Blood and we're not sure they'd recover from that. Okay, we're running out of puns.

As for the game, the Chiefs are coming in as 13-point favorites to start the week and the amount of drama surrounding the Bears at this state is quite distracting. For a Chiefs team that could use a "get-right" game, it's hard to see the Bears coming away with anything but an embarrassing memory and an 0-3 record. Then again, given that the franchise hasn't had a "heyday" in a very, very long time (not even as recently as 1989), it's a feeling they know All Too Well.