Chiefs draft grades: Rating every pick in the 2024 NFL Draft

The 2024 NFL Draft is in the books. So how do each of the Kansas City Chiefs seven picks grade out?
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Round 7 - Pick 248 - C.J. Hanson - OG - Holy Cross - 6'5" - 300 pounds

Value: C.J. Hanson was #264 on the Consensus Big Board. That is 16 spots below where the Chiefs took him. Like I said with Kamal Hadden, this late in the draft that isn't a reach or value, it's close enough that it's about where most experts thought he should go.

Need: If the Chiefs hadn't taken Hunter Nourzad earlier in the draft, you could make an argument this was a major need, but that's a harder sell after the Nourzad pick.

Fit with the Chiefs: There isn't a lot of tape out there on Hanson, but from what I've seen and read about him it seems like his profile fits what the Chiefs look for on the offensive line.

Athletic Profile: While Hanson didn't do the agility drills, he tested great on his 40-yard dash time and jumps. His 9.84/10 RAS is one of the highest guard scores of all time. His vertical and broad jumps were both in the 98th percentile for guards.

Age: Hanson is an older prospect at 23 years old.

Film: Like I said, there isn't a lot of film out there on Hanson, but the little I was able to find showed a player with decent size and movement skills. Playing at Holy Cross and being an older prospect I wanted to see him dominate his opponents, but that wasn't really the case. He was solid, but not spectacular.

What Do the Numbers and Experts Say?: PFF gave him a 71.5 Run Blocking Grade and a 63.5 Pass Blocking Grade. Those are fine numbers, but again, you'd like to see an older player at a small school dominate more. To his credit, he only allowed 1 sack on 1,022 pass-blocking snaps over his three seasons as a starter.

Draft Grade: C+

I'm not upset about this pick. It just doesn't do a lot for me. His athletic testing is promising and I like the lack of sacks over his career, but I have some concerns about him being able to make the jump in competition from Holy Cross to the NFL when he's already 23 and I didn't see him dominate like I wanted against inferior competition. To be fair though, I didn't get to see as much tape as I typically do before making an opinion. Hopefully, with NFL coaching and strength training, the Chiefs can get something out of the natural athleticism he has.

Overall Draft Grade: A-

My overall draft grade is weighted more toward the first four picks the Chiefs made. Those are the players that are most likely to make an impact. I love what Brett Veach did with those first four picks and then I think he found some interesting options in rounds 5-7 who will have a chance to prove they should stick around and possibly earn bigger roles. As I tweeted out on Sunday, Veach managed to find more athletic upside and value than most of the rest of the league with this class.

When you fill major needs, find great value, and draft great athletes, it's pretty hard not to come away impressed with the 2024 Chiefs draft class.