Can the Chiefs overcome their two-game losing streak again?

Throughout Patrick Mahomes's career, it is unusual for the Chiefs to lose two games in a row. History shows they will not lose a third.

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Chiefs Kingdom is very familiar with the last two games, so I will not go into the same detail, but for argument's sake, we will look at a brief synopsis of each.

In Week 13, Kansas City traveled to take on the Green Bay Packers on Sunday Night Football. This was a game where the defense had a rough night, and points were at a premium due to the Packers controlling the clock. At the end of the day, the Chiefs scored field goals and the Packers scored touchdowns. Of course, as we have learned in the previous three examples, offensive struggles in the red zone and costly penalties led to the Chiefs losing this game. Don't forget a questionable no-call pass interference that ended any chance of a last-minute tying touchdown.

Then last Sunday night, the Buffalo Bills came to Kansas City, and the Chiefs watched their receivers drop passes, the offense stutter in the red zone, and the refs serve up questionable calls. The Chiefs offense once again failed to capitalize on the high level of play of their defense to include an interception of Bills quarterback Josh Allen. Finally, an offsides call on the Chiefs wiped away a would-be go-ahead touchdown.

Next week the Chiefs travel to New England to play the Patriots. History shows that the Chiefs will put a good game together. The Patriots' defense is a good test for Patrick Mahomes and the offense to show they still are the same offense we believe and hope they are. On the other side, the Chiefs' defense should have a field day against Bailey Zappe, causing havoc in the backfield all day long.


The Chiefs have shown very similar flaws during every two-game losing streak in Mahomes's career, and every time the Chiefs come out of the streak to play some of their best football. I do not think this team will be any different, and Chiefs Kingdom will be able to let out a sigh of relief for at least one week. I think the team we see on Sunday will be the team that we have been waiting for the last 13 weeks.

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