Can the Chiefs overcome their two-game losing streak again?

Throughout Patrick Mahomes's career, it is unusual for the Chiefs to lose two games in a row. History shows they will not lose a third.

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In Week 5 the 4-0 Chiefs hosted the 2-2 Colts in a Sunday Night Football showdown. If I did not know better I would swear I was watching the 2023 Chiefs. The offense had trouble finishing drives, constantly stuttering in the red zone, and suffering from untimely penalties. The offensive line had a difficult time defending against the pass rush who were able to sack Patrick Mahomes multiple times. To be fair this was the homecoming for Chiefs great Justin Houston, but the story seems all too familiar now. The skill players committed turnovers that in the end were too much for the Chiefs to overcome. The Chiefs would lose this game 19-13.

The following week the 3-2 Houston Texans would travel to Kansas City to play the 4-1 Chiefs. The defense had a rough outing against the Deshaun Watson-led Texans but was able to take the ball away three times, giving their offense ample opportunities to win the game. Mahomes struggled to capitalize once they reached the red zone and committed two turnovers. The skill players and Mahomes were not on the same page multiple times, with one play leading to an interception. The Chiefs would lose a close game against an AFC rival 31-24.

The next week the Chiefs would travel to Denver to play the 2-4 Joe Flacco-led Broncos. The Chiefs' offense was lights out with big plays from Mahomes, Kelce, and Hill. The highlight of this game was the defensive dominance from the Chiefs who only allowed a first-quarter touchdown, with a failed 2-point conversion. The Chiefs would end this two-game skid with a 30-6 win over their division rival.