Buffalo Bills got hilariously petty about the Stefon Diggs trade

So petty.
AFC Championship - Buffalo Bills v Kansas City Chiefs
AFC Championship - Buffalo Bills v Kansas City Chiefs / Jamie Squire/GettyImages

In case you haven't heard, the Buffalo Bills shipped Stefon Diggs to the Houston Texans in exchange for a bag of peanuts. One requirement that the Bills had when trading Diggs, however, was that he couldn't go to the Kansas City Chiefs.

Chris Simms mentioned this juicy piece of information while on PFT Live with Mike Florio.

"From what I do know, right, is that he was allowed to seek a trade from anybody in the league, except the Kansas City Chiefs. That's what I've been told by multiple people."

Bills refused to trade Stefon Diggs to Chiefs

This isn't a surprise but it's still funny to see how intimidated the Bills are by K.C. Maybe that's because the Chiefs have ended the Bills' seasons in 2021, 2022, and 2024. The Bills might be able to take down the Chiefs during the regular season, but the playoffs are where it matters and the Chiefs are 3-0 against Josh Allen's Bills during his time in Buffalo.

Diggs ended up going to Houston and the Texans are now Super Bowl contenders. He's joining a wide receiver room that consists of Nico Collins and Tank Dell and has C.J. Stroud throwing the football to him. That Texans team, barring injuries, should be able to give the Chiefs a run for their money.

As for the Bills, they lost their best wide receiver and will have to start from scratch at that position. The Chiefs haven't let losing Tyreek Hill deter them from winning championships, so maybe the Bills plan to take a page out of their playbook. The difference between the two, though, is that the Chiefs had already won a Super Bowl with Hill and knew what it took to get to that point. The Bills haven't made it to a Super Bowl during Allen's tenure and now he'll have one less weapon to help him get there.

Chiefs fans enjoyed seeing the Bills get weakened but hearing that they blocked any kind of trade to Kansas City made it an even funnier moment.