Broncos misery is a delicious Monday morning drink for Chiefs Kingdom

If you wanted to add some Broncos tears to your Monday morning drink, we have some for you.

Denver Broncos v Miami Dolphins
Denver Broncos v Miami Dolphins / Megan Briggs/GettyImages

For most teams on most weeks during most seasons, the details and deficits of a win or loss fade over time. Perhaps a franchise's final record will be remembered, but whether a team is defeated by 1 or 3 or even 10 points is largely forgotten. That will not be the case for the Denver Broncos and their historic loss to the Miami Dolphins in Week 3.

If you're into drinking down a delicious glass of Denver disaster on a Monday morning as we are, then you likely know the details. Tyreek Hill is still doing the Lord's work in South Florida as he helped Miami hang 70 on the Broncos on Sunday in a 70-20 win. Yes, 70. Seven. Zero.

The details are even sweeter. Tua Tagovailoa had more touchdowns than incompletions against Patrick Surtain and the Broncos defense. The Broncos passed for 376 yards and ran for another 350. De'Von Achane averaged over 11 yards per carry on 18 carries. Russ Wilson was hit 12 times, and Hill, as we mentioned, had 157 receiving yards and 1 score.

Denver was absolutely embarrassed and, in the process, dropped to 0-3—two games behind the Kansas City Chiefs in the AFC West (who are already alone in first place). At this point, the Broncos look worse than ever yet they've mortgaged their future for a quarterback who is not getting it done. On defense, they look as vulnerable as they have in years in a division dominated by overwhelming offenses. And they just introduced a new head coach who cost them even more draft assets in Sean Payton.


If you wanted to add some Broncos tears to your Monday morning drink, we have some for you. In fact, when you listen to offensive tackle Garret Bolles, you might consider putting your glass down for a second in the name of humanity. But then you remember he's a Bronco.

Here's the meat of what Bolles says in the video posted above.

Reporter: "What are the emotions right now?"

Bolles: "Sh-t. Sh-t. I’m tired of losing, man. I’ve been here for seven years and all I’ve done is lost. It’s frustrating but at the same time, I know the dogs we have in our room. I know the dogs we have up front. I know the people we have in this facility, this organization, and we have winners. We do. We gotta figure it out. We gotta figure it out the hard way…"

The hard way is all that Denver has in front of it. For their sake, the Broncos do get the Bears and Jets on successive weeks in the interim so they might even get a chance to feel better about themselves, but two showdowns with the Chiefs in three weeks loom after that—which could mean an early end to their season. If so, we'll serve up the same old shake, because we'll never tire of drinking from this cup.