Breaking down the Kansas City Chiefs draft options at offensive tackle

The 2024 NFL Draft has a strong offensive tackle class, but does that mean it will be easy for the Kansas City Chiefs to find one that fits their needs?
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Tackle Prospects That Would Be Guards For The Chiefs

Graham Barton - Duke - 6'5" - 313 pounds - 32 7/8" arms

Graham Barton might be the best of the second-tier offensive line prospects, but despite having played left tackle at Duke, he simply doesn't have the length to stick at left tackle in the NFL. He's pretty much universally viewed as a guard at the NFL level and for a team like the Chiefs that seems to have a minimum arm length for their tackles, I don't think they'd consider Barton at tackle at all.

Barton could likely go off the board before the Chiefs pick anyway if a team is looking for a day-one starter at the guard position. He's a talented player, but not one I expect to be an option for K.C..

Jordan Morgan - Arizona - 6'5" - 311 pounds - 32 7/8" arms

You can say a lot of the same things I just said about Graham Barton about Jordan Morgan as well. In Morgan's defense, he does move laterally much better than Barton. That may lead to some NFL teams being willing to try Morgan at tackle (at least more than they would with Barton). However, I still don't think he would be at the top of K.C.'s list unless they were going to use him as a short-term tackle option and then move him inside to guard if they lose Joe Thuney and/or Trey Smith before the 2025 season.

So if we eliminate Barton and Morgan we've already taken away two of the best second-tier tackle prospects. Unfortunately for the Chiefs, several second-tier guys have primarily played right tackle in college. Let's take a look at those candidates next to see if any are cut out to move to the left side in the NFL.