Breaking down the Kansas City Chiefs draft options at offensive tackle

The 2024 NFL Draft has a strong offensive tackle class, but does that mean it will be easy for the Kansas City Chiefs to find one that fits their needs?
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Elite Left Tackle Prospects

Joe Alt - Notre Dame - 6'9" - 321 pounds - 34 1/4" arms

Joe Alt is the safest left tackle prospect in this class. He's got great physical traits, an NFL bloodline, and his technique is better than most of the others on this list as well. I don't think it's likely that the Chiefs could realistically trade up high enough to land Alt with where his current draft stock is.

Olu Fashanu - Penn State - 6'6" - 312 pounds - 34" arms

I actually like Olu Fashanu's upside even more than Alt's. He's already an elite pass protector, but his technique and run blocking are a little below where Alt is. A year ago Fashanu was viewed as a surefire top-ten pick in the 2024 draft, but other tackle prospects seem to be trendier right now.

If Fashanu were to somehow fall into the mid-first round, I would 100% be on board with the Chiefs giving up a sizable amount to trade up and get him. He has the potential to be the best pass-blocking left tackle in the entire NFL in a few years and pairing him up with Patrick Mahomes for the next decade would be a great investment.

Troy Fautanu - Washington - 6'4" - 317 pounds - 34 1/2" arms

I love Troy Fautanu's game. He's an elite talent who played great at left tackle last season. He's incredibly athletic and moves well both laterally and when getting to the second level. He meets the arm-length threshold for an Andy Reid tackle, but he looks undersized on film. I know it shouldn't matter if the tape is good, but I just can't shake the voice in the back of my head that says he doesn't physically look like an offensive tackle when I'm watching him.

That having been said, if he made it far enough into the first round that K.C. could trade up for him and they did it, it would reassure me that they saw Fautanu as a tackle and I would love the move. However, Fautanu is currently being mocked in the mid-teens so I'm not sure how likely that is.

That's it. That's the list of elite left tackles in this class. It's two, possibly three players long and none of them are supposed to make it nearly far enough for the Chiefs to draft without a significant trade-up. That makes all three of these options a long shot. If you're thinking "There are more than three first-round talents at tackle in this draft", you're right. But let's talk about the other elite talents that aren't true left tackles.