Bold predictions for each AFC West team heading into 2024

Each team in the AFC West has new faces in crucial roles, and along with those new faces come an entirely new set of expectations. While the law of averages will likely remain undefeated, let's take a look at some bold predictions for each team heading into the 2024 season.
Kansas City Chiefs v Los Angeles Chargers
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Denver Broncos

What a time to be a Denver Broncos fan, huh? On one hand, they did snap a seemingly unending streak of losses to the Kansas City Chiefs last year, something that was equivalent to a Super Bowl of sorts. I, personally, prefer actual Super Bowl championships, but hey, to each their own. Some seasons are highlighted with events from October, others crest in February. Can't knock them for appreciating the small things.

The team knew they needed to make additions to the quarterback room in 2024, and boy did they. Instead of going into the season banking on the Russell Wilson experiment panning out with Jarrett Sitdham waiting in the wings, they now have three quarterbacks that are going to be duds, and zero direction on who they intend to use. Watching the Broncos navigate NFL roster building is like being around for 2008 Britney Spears. You just know things will end up sad but you can't look away. Heading into 2024 with a three-headed monster of Jarrett Stidham, Zach Wilson, and Bo Nix is surely what every Denver fan wanted.

It's not just about the final three, but it's how they arrived here. The Broncos traded away an actual NFL Draft pick (granted, they got one in return as well) for Zach Wilson—a draft pick that could have been an NFL player. They also used the 12th pick of the same draft to take Bo Nix, arguably the sixth-best quarterback in the NFL draft last season. What a move! If someone from the Broncos front office offered me directions anywhere, I would opt to walk aimlessly through the Rocky Mountains, risking it all but knowing that I alone would provide myself with better direction than anyone there could provide.

The quarterback room is just one sideshow that's going on in Sean Payton's circus in Denver. Today's NFL has almost certainly passed the hyper-stubborn Payton by, which is going to bring about some tough decisions for the Walton-Penner family in Denver. Maybe they take the approach they've taken at many of their stores (Walmart, ever heard of them?) across the country. When was the last time you walked into a Walmart and thought "Man, there are a ton of cashiers here!" It's been a while.

Walmart has certainly leaned into technology to replace humans, a phenomenal strategy when it comes to customer service, and I believe they'll do the same with their front office and coaching staff this year. So long George Paton and Sean Payton, hello ChatGPT. The Broncos will lead the charge in allowing AI to shape their future, pivoting fully from a rigid, old-school football mentality to a leading-edge, tech-first take on the NFL.