Bold predictions for each AFC West team heading into 2024

Each team in the AFC West has new faces in crucial roles, and along with those new faces come an entirely new set of expectations. While the law of averages will likely remain undefeated, let's take a look at some bold predictions for each team heading into the 2024 season.
Kansas City Chiefs v Los Angeles Chargers
Kansas City Chiefs v Los Angeles Chargers / Ric Tapia/GettyImages
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What's ahead for the Chiefs and their biggest rivals in 2024? We've got it all figured out.

We're not quite there yet, but we are indeed on the cusp of hot take season kicking off. Now that the NBA playoffs have wrapped up, the Stanley Cup has been awarded, and the PGA Tour is down to its last major championship of the year, we are an Olympic Games away from officially descending into the dog days of summer once more. And while the boys in the MLB grind away working mostly outdoors in pants for the rest of the summer, the sports media world will inevitably turn its attention to the incoming NFL season—more so than they already are—before we know it.

If we look at the offseason from a common sense perspective, we should all hold our breath and practice patience for our team's upcoming campaign. Anything can happen between February and September. We labor over the performance of millionaires who are mostly under the age of 35 for five months of the year. For the seven months that they're not on the field, we should find some time to not concern ourselves how they'll perform in the following season, right? Ha! Absolutely not.

We're NFL fans. Hell, some of us construct our entire identities around our teams and their performances. Some of us spend our free time writing about them. Others obsess in private. But it is a phenomenon that knows no real boundaries and continues to grow as the NFL grows in popularity.

So while we're sitting here worrying way too much about what may and may not happen in three to eight months with the Kansas City Chiefs, let's take an opportunity to zoom out and look at some (somewhat extreme) things that may happen in the AFC West throughout the course of this season. Fortune favors the bold, and those who have read my work before know that I'm not one to throw out vanilla (or short winded) takes about the Chiefs or any of their rivals during the season—and especially not during the offseason when I can't be fact checked on this stuff for another several months.

If you want to screenshot some of these and keep receipts, go ahead. I'm not saying I'm going to be right here, but what I am saying is I could 100% see these things happening, and it would not surprise me if things panned out this way. Listen to me if you want, disagree with me if you must, but just remember - you're betting against a guy who went 174-94 last year in picks for the entire regular season, Wild Card, and Divisional rounds of the playoffs for the whole league. Boldly predicting storylines for a singular division—especially one that I have a delusional obsession with—seems like light work.

Let's get on with our bold predictions for the AFC West.