Bleacher Report dunks on Bills for allowing Chiefs to get more explosive

I, for one, am fond of the Bills making this move.
AFC Divisional Playoffs - Kansas City Chiefs v Buffalo Bills
AFC Divisional Playoffs - Kansas City Chiefs v Buffalo Bills / Al Bello/GettyImages

The Buffalo Bills might have figured out a way to beat the Kansas City Chiefs during the regular season. When it comes to the postseason, however, that's an entirely different story.

The Chiefs have ended the Bills' Super Bowl dreams in three of the last four seasons, knocking them out in the AFC Championship Game in 2021, the AFC Divisional Round in 2022, and the AFC Divisional Round in 2024. Whenever these two teams meet in the playoffs, the Chiefs have found a way to win the game and advance.

That's why Kristopher Knox of Bleacher Report is stunned that the Bills keep helping the Chiefs get better. He listed the Bills' decision to trade with the Chiefs in this year's draft so that KC could land Xavier Worthy as a move Buffalo will live to regret.

"Here's a novel thought. If you're a viable AFC contender who has struggled to get past the Kansas City Chiefs in the postseason, maybe trading down in the draft so that your conference rival can land the fastest receiver in combine history isn't such a great idea."

Kristopher Knox

Bills slammed for allowing Chiefs to get better

Knox has an excellent point here. The one obstacle that's kept the Bills from advancing in the playoffs (well, two, if you count the Cincinnati Bengals eliminating them in 2023) has been the Kansas City Chiefs. The Chiefs were even able to get the better of Buffalo in the postseason when their wide receiver group was a weak link and they just allowed the Chiefs to get better in that department.

Adding Worthy to a wide receiver room of Hollywood Brown and Rashee Rice (we'll see what his punishment ends up being for this year) gives Patrick Mahomes the best wide receiver group he's seen since early in his career and if Worthy pans out, Chiefs fans have the Bills to thank for it. They're still saying thanks for the trade in 2017 that allowed them to move up and snag Mahomes so the Bills truly are the gift that keeps on giving.