Bills serve up another Wide Right moment in playoff loss to Chiefs

Poor Scott Norwood is trending in 2024.

AFC Divisional Playoffs - Kansas City Chiefs v Buffalo Bills
AFC Divisional Playoffs - Kansas City Chiefs v Buffalo Bills / Al Bello/GettyImages

Not to add insult to injury, but the Buffalo Bills are going to feel this one for a long time. That's because some fans still haven't gotten over the first iteration known as "Wide Right."

On Sunday night, the Buffalo Bills fell to the Kansas City Chiefs by a final score of 27-24. For most of the game, both teams were locked in an incredible Divisional Round battle that featured two offenses trading blows with one scoring drive after another for much of the game.

As the fourth quarter crept on, both defenses found ways to slow things down and Buffalo began to serve up opportunities for the Chiefs to win. However, the Chiefs found ways to ruin such moments with multiple miscues or fumbles and the Bills remained in it until the end.

In facf, the Bills had the ball late in the fourth quarter with under two minutes to play and a chance to tie the game. Kicker Tyler Bass was called upon to attempt a 44-yard field goal with 1:47 left to even up the score at 27 points apiece. That's when this happened.

Immediately, every seasoned football fan was reminded of a similar kick with even more at stake when former Bills kicker Scott Norwood missed a 47-yard attempt when the kick went right and a play now simply known as "Wide Right" became part of Bills' lore.

For younger fans, it's important to realize that the Buffalo Bills flirted with true greatness in the early '90s by going to four consecutive Super Bowls. Unfortunately they lost every one and the closest they ever were in any game to winning was in the first one, seen below against the New York Giants. In that game, the Bills were down 20-19 when Norwood set up for the field goal.

You can watch the final play below:

With that failed attempt, the Giants went on to win Super Bowl XXV and Buffalo would go on to lose the next three Super Bowls by a combined 65 points. For a team so loaded with stars and Hall of Famers, the fact that they failed to win a championship ring hung over the franchise for quite some time.

Now in this new era, it's possible that the Bills just had their own "best attempt" at a title snuffed out by the Chiefs in the Divisional Round. Despite an incredible performance from Josh Allen, a new missed kick now defines Buffalo's season and the offseason brings a lot of financial hurdles as Allen gets more expensive.

Whether or not this is Wide Right 2, we're pretty sure it doesn't matter what we think. Everyone is already thinking the same thing.