Bills fans reacting in real time to Chiefs drafting Xavier Worthy is a work of art

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The Kansas City Chiefs traded up from 32 to 28 to take Xavier Worthy in the 2024 NFL Draft. The team they traded with just so happens to be a team who they have some notable trade history with and have been able to take down in the postseason in recent years.

If those hints weren't enough, it was the Buffalo Bills who the Chiefs swapped spots with in the first round. The Bills once swapped picks with the Chiefs in the first round of the 2017 draft and it led to KC getting Patrick Mahomes and changing everything in the NFL from that moment on.

Bills fans couldn't believe that their GM would do business with the Chiefs considering that KC has ended the Bills' season in 2020, 2021, and 2023 yet Brandon Beane opted to do business with the Chiefs in this draft. The Chiefs snagged Worthy with the pick the Bills originally had and we'll see if it pans out for them.

The reactions of a group of Bills fans hosting a chat during the draft is probably how a lot of the fan base was feeling when this trade happened. The three were eagerly awaiting the Bills' selection and then when the trade banner went up at the bottom and the Chiefs logo popped up, you could see the frustrated looks on their faces.

Bills draft chat melting down over Xavier Worthy pick makes it even better

This pick would be celebrated by Chiefs Kingdom no matter what since the team desperately needed a wide receiver to add to the offense but seeing Bills fans so upset made it even sweeter. These fans knew as soon as the Chiefs went on the clock that they'd be taking Worthy and one of them even left the room for several minutes after the trade was announced.

That same guy re-entered the scene a few minutes later and said he didn't care what compensation the Bills were getting in the trade, he doesn't want them doing business with the same team that's had their number when it's counted the most. It is perplexing that Buffalo would continue to do business with the same team that's knocked them out of the playoffs in three of the past four seasons but hey, Chiefs fans won't complain.

Let's hope Worthy goes on to torment Bills fans as much as Mahomes has!