Bill Belichick faces questions of future as Patriots prepare for Chiefs

The NFL's all time greatest coach is wondering where he's going to be next year.

New England Patriots v Pittsburgh Steelers
New England Patriots v Pittsburgh Steelers / Cooper Neill/GettyImages

For the Kansas City Chiefs, the focus is on the present moment. It has to be, as the goodwill they've earned to this point in the standings is slowly slipping away with each new loss. For the New England Patriots, this season is already a wash and it seems like head coach Bill Belichick has a greater challenge to keep his team (and maybe his own mind) attentive to this week's opponent.

As Week 15 approaches, the Chiefs are ready to visit Belichick's Patriots at Foxborough to kick off the season's final four games. For K.C., it's an important stretch to hopefully regain some ground loss and keep the Denver Broncos at bay, the closest threat in the AFC West.

For the Pats, the team is sitting at 3-10 in the overall standings and in last place in the AFC East behind the Miami Dolphins, Buffalo Bills, and even the New York Jets. It's an unfamiliar place after so many years of leading the division, and the results have even the legendary Belichick perhaps on the way out.

The NFL's all time greatest coach is wondering where he's going to be next year.

As the Patriots prepare to host the Chiefs and get back into practice sessions leading up to the game, Belichick was having a hard time even dodging questions about the future from reporters in his mid-week media session.

Rumors have Belichick potentially doing anything and everything next year—from remaining put with the Patriots as they likely turn to a new quarterback to take over the reins for another team to becoming a defensive coordinator or even going back to college. It's also possible Belichick decides to call it a career, although that might feel like the least likely approach at this point.

Right now, oddsmakers have the L.A. Chargers and Washington Commanders as the most likely places to draw Belichick in for another run on the sidelines.

What does this mean for the upcoming game? On the surface, it means that a team with little to play for is going to have an even tougher time focusing on Kansas City and a meaningless game. Then again, anyone doubting Belichick's ability to motivate his team toward success only needs to look at their shocking 21-18 win over the Pittsburgh Steelers one week ago.