The biggest swing the Chiefs can take for a veteran wide receiver

Kansas City still has a tantalizing option at WR this offseason.

Kansas City Chiefs, Tee Higgins
Kansas City Chiefs, Tee Higgins / Kareem Elgazzar / The Enquirer / USA

On Monday morning, news broke that a potential Kansas City Chiefs offseason target was no longer going to be available.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers got a deal done with wide receiver Mike Evans, removing him off the table for a possible team-up with Patrick Mahomes in Kansas City.

Although Evans is out of the question, now, the Chiefs still have one more big swing they can take at the position this offseason.

Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver Tee Higgins has been given the franchise tag, but some insiders believe the former first-round pick was given the tag in order to prep for a tag-and-trade situation.

Tee Higgins is the other big swing the Chiefs can take to upgrade with a veteran wideout.

Now, if the Chiefs went after Higgins, two key things would need to come to fruition.

First of all, the Chiefs would have to find the cap space to make this work. Already, L'Jarius Sneed is going to be back via the tag (or will he?). Chris Jones could end up coming back on a new deal, too.

Kansas City will have to get creative in order to make room for Higgins, whom they would likely extend on a long-term contract if they brought him in. The salary cap is moldable, one way or another, as we've seen teams prove time and time again.

Second, the Chiefs would have to be willing to give up ample draft capital in order to land Higgins. It isn't crazy to think Kansas City would need to give up more than any other team in a deal for Higgins, either, if they really wanted him.

If you think the Bengals would be willing to trade Higgins to the Chiefs for the same price they'd deal him to, say, the Detroit Lions, you'd be way off base. These two teams are rivals. We know this scenario would cost the Chiefs more than any other team getting involved.

The question becomes, though, what would the Chiefs need to give up? Would they part with their No. 32 overall pick this year? Would it cost more? Remember, the Buffalo Bills gave up a first-round pick, plus more, in order to land Stefon Diggs just a few years ago. This trade would likely be a similar one.

Yet, for a Chiefs team that just won the Lombardi without any real threat at the wide receiver position, this could be a highly calculated move worth making.

If we want to talk about a true dynasty, this is the type of swing you take if you're the Chiefs. This is a move that assures the Chiefs will stay atop the league for years to come.