Bank-robbing Chiefs fan deserves world's most awkward lawyer (and got him)

Hopefully we won't have to hear from or about either one soon enough.

Kansas City Chiefs v Las Vegas Raiders
Kansas City Chiefs v Las Vegas Raiders / Sean M. Haffey/GettyImages

There's a part of me that's frustated to even shine a light on this guy or give him any further attention. The other part of me can't believe an already disgusting link to Chiefs Kingdom got even cringier this week. So we're leaning into the cringe for at least a second—in case anyone here missed it and is interested.

Xaviar Babudar calls himself a Chiefs superfan and goes by the name of Chiefsaholic while wearing a wolf suit. He also is a despicable person who has pled guilty to charges of bank robbery, money laundering and more. The total damages of his crimes reached $800K stolen from 11 banks and numerous persons left traumatized by their experiences.

For someone like this who strives so hard for his unearned share of the limelight, we'd normally avoid him the privilege but it's hard to avoid the lawyer who is somehow trying to do the same. This is somewhere between desperate and cringe-y and awkward and it's impossible not to share it.

In case you can't play the video above or listen in, here's the full statement:

“From the beginning of this case folks, the government has been blitzing, and Xaviar’s pocket was collapsing, but today Xaviar stepped into the pressure. He took responsibility for his actions. He stood up in court—humble and repentant—and admitted what he had done.

"Now if I know anything about Xaviar and if Chiefs Kingdom knows anything about Chiefsaholic, we know that he doesn’t give up. We know that if he stumbled and he fell, he didn't let his knee touch the ground and that’s because he’s capable of doing a great thing and he knows that there’s still hope.

"We still have a lot of work to do on his case, but Xaviar wants everyone to know that he loves the Chiefs Kingdom, he loves Kansas City, and he hopes that you'll rally to his support. Thank you and God bless."

We're not sure if Babudar is in good legal hands or not but we were never concerned about that in the first place. Maybe they'll place him in a lockdown corner when sentenced.