Backup quarterback options who make sense behind Patrick Mahomes for the Chiefs

Let's explore the Kansas City Chiefs' urgent need for a backup to Patrick Mahomes.

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Brian Hoyer

If you pull up quarterback Brian Hoyer's headshot from 2024, the man shares more features of a coach than that of an active quarterback. The Michigan State alum's bald head and short beard fit right in amongst coaches but continue to show his age among players. At 38 years old, Hoyer played in 2023 with the Las Vegas Raiders. Now, after they released the journeyman veteran, Kansas City should look at Hoyer for a player/coach option.

Traditional player/coaches phased out of professional football long ago, but Kansas City's most recent example is undeniably one of the league's best. Alex Smith's role in developing and shaping Mahomes is undeniable, with several players and coaches speaking highly of Smith's coaching skills. Could Kansas City seek to replicate that, with Hoyer and a younger quarterback for the Chiefs?

I get it, Kansas City doesn't need a franchise quarterback right now. But, they do need a cheap QB2/3 option. Let's say Kansas City's draft board has some late-round quarterbacks on it. Hoyer would be a great option to help develop said draftee while being a reliable option behind Mahomes.

My biggest question is if Hoyer wants to transition to a coaching role full-time or if he has another season left in him. Reid's coaching tree usually produces good assistants, and Hoyer could learn from the future Hall of Fame coach while wearing a jersey.