Andy Reid makes the same excuse, almost five years apart

Andy Reid claims he's always been giving a warning for offsides. He said that once before, too.

Buffalo Bills v Kansas City Chiefs
Buffalo Bills v Kansas City Chiefs / David Eulitt/GettyImages

One of the coolest game-winning plays was wiped out by an offsides penalty at the end of the Kansas City Chiefs game against the Buffalo Bills.

A Travis Kelce catch and lateral to Kadarius Toney for a touchdown was called back because Toney apparently lined up a foot offsides. Everyone was mad, but it was a fact, and the officials called it.

After the game, Andy Reid and Patrick Mahomes were both furious, but Reid in particular had some strong words for the referees about the penalty. He said, "Normally I get a warning before that's called." per Kansas City Star reporter Sam McDowell.

The excuse making is a little eye-rolling to be honest. Toney just needs to be better and not line up offsides. But if that line from Reid sounds familiar, it's because it is.

He said something almost identical five years ago, when former Chief Dee Ford lined up offsides in the AFC Championship game. That penalty negated what probably would have been a game winning interception of Tom Brady.

After the game, Andy said, "Normally you're warned and coaches warned."

It is a little ironic that after the Toney penalty, Coach Reid said he had never had this happen before. In fact, he had—in another key moment. I don't blame him for not remembering the occasion, but I do think it's interesting that the "no warning" excuse has been his go-to response twice now in his coaching career.

The Chiefs have a lot of soul-searching to do after the loss to the Bills. And they need to do it quick before they lose more than just the top seed in the conference (Warning: the Denver Broncos are closer than they appear in the division.)

That soul-searching should probably start with their Hall of Fame head coach not making the same excuses every time his players commit the same penalties.