Andy Reid helps revive Snickers 'Kansas City Chefs' commercial

Andy Reid is really honing his acting chops.
Denver Broncos v Kansas City Chiefs
Denver Broncos v Kansas City Chiefs / Perry Knotts/GettyImages

As it turns out, the formula for great success is to basically pair anything with Andy Reid. The Kansas City Chiefs have done this for the last decade and are in the midst of a run as the NFL's ruling class. In recent years, multiple corporations and brands have figured out that Reid is someone who can help them too, which is why we've seen Reid on camera more than ever in his coaching career.

The latest brand to take notice of Reid's incredible acting prowess is Snickers, and they decided to enlist his help to resurrect a classic commercial that newer (read: younger) Chiefs fans might not be familiar with.

First, here's the original Snickers commercial, complete with the original "Great googly-moogly!"

Now, according to sports business reporter Darren Rovell, we've got a new version of the advertisement on the way with Andy Reid playing the comic foil.

Let's go, Chefs!