8 late-season storylines that will shape the Chiefs' future

Even some of the smaller moves the Chiefs coaches decide to make in the next few weeks could yield significant returns or insights down the road for the Chiefs.

Kansas City Chiefs v New England Patriots
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Kadarius Toney puts up positive performances

For some fans, this is already past a line they've drawn in the sand. Any more Kadarius Toney, for them, is too much Kadarius Toney.

At this point, however, the Chiefs have to dance with the one who brought you, as they say, and that means making the most of what they have. There is no magic free agent who will appear on the open market, and the trade deadline is long past. If Skyy Moore is on injured reserve, Marquez Valdes-Scantling is ineffective and Justyn Ross isn't ready, then someone has to be on the field and it might as well be Toney.

Like him or not, Toney has the highest ceiling of anyone in the wide receiver room of those not named Rashee Rice (and on raw talent, he might be greater there, too). Remember Toney was a top 20 pick for a reason. His agility can leave even the best open-field tackler wondering what went wrong, and his toughness allows him to catch the ball in traffic and/or generate several more yards after contact despite his diminutive size.

Unfortunately, Toney has also had the most unlucky season ever when it comes to catching the football. It feels like he's completely lost focus out there (or he's trying too hard at other times) and it's unnerving to watch. It's also maddening when his mistakes have led to such golden opportunities for the opposition.

Things have to even out at this point, right? We certainly hope so. If Toney is going to get any more playing time, we hope he's able to find positive ways to contribute down the stretch so that he can put some of these serious errors behind him. If he can enjoy a bounce-back effort or two before the playoffs begin, the cold sentiment from fans will warm up a bit and we might even look forward to Toney as a part of this team's future.