8 late-season storylines that will shape the Chiefs' future

Even some of the smaller moves the Chiefs coaches decide to make in the next few weeks could yield significant returns or insights down the road for the Chiefs.

Kansas City Chiefs v New England Patriots
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Jawaan Taylor plays it clean

Speaking of tackles, we might as well stay here long enough to hold out some hopes for Jawaan Taylor as well. That's because if the Chiefs are going to pay $20 million to a player, you'd like for that player to not lead the NFL in penalties.

Yes, officials have spent the bulk of this year picking on Taylor for getting the same sort of jump that so many others are doing (e.g. Lane Johnson), but Taylor has yet to prove that he can adjust and handle the mental load to do so. Will Taylor retain the yips down the stretch? Will the penalties ever subside?

What the Chiefs would love to see from their pricey right tackle is exemplary pass protection in the games that matter without muddying the waters or stalling drives with needless mistakes. If Taylor can play clean football in these last few games of the year, it will go a long way toward trusting him to step into next season with the chance for a blank slate.