8 defensive line prospects who could be perfect draft fits for the Chiefs

The Kansas City Chiefs could use some more contributors along the defensive line and these 8 prospects from the 2024 NFL Draft look like perfect fits.

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Early Round Inside/Outside Edge Options For The Chiefs

Darius Robinson - Missouri - 6'5" - 296 pounds

If the Chiefs were to take any defensive line prospect in the first round it would likely be Missouri's Darius Robinson. The only first-round caliber defensive tackles will likely go off the board well before KC picks and the first-round caliber pass rusher edge options don't seem like natural fits for the Chiefs to me. Robinson, on the other hand, seems like he's tailor-made for Steve Spagnuolo.

Robinson has the kind of length and power that Spags covets for his defensive front. He's famous for wanting to move guys all around the formation, and Robinson is certainly cut out for that. He plays violently and is still relatively raw, but you can see the potential for him to be great. He's not a speed rusher and never will be, but there's enough athleticism there for him to improve as a pass rusher as his technique develops. I would love Robinson at pick 32 if he was available.

Marshawn Kneeland - Western Michigan - 6'3" - 275 pounds

Marshawn Kneeland is another defender who seems like he would be a perfect fit for what Spagnuolo looks for in his bigger edge players. Kneeland is a little shorter than Robinson, but he has long arms and plays with great power. He doesn't have the experience kicking inside that Robinson does. In fact, he played a lot standing up on the edge like an outside linebacker.

While Kneeland isn't as experienced inside, I do think he moves a little better than Robinson, has a faster first step, and is relentless in his pursuit of ball carriers. Kneeland would be more of a project than Robinson, which is why I wouldn't draft him in the first round, but I think he'd be a great value at the end of the second round.