8 defensive line prospects who could be perfect draft fits for the Chiefs

The Kansas City Chiefs could use some more contributors along the defensive line and these 8 prospects from the 2024 NFL Draft look like perfect fits.

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Mid to Late Round Defensive Tackle Options For The Chiefs

Khristian Boyd - Northern Iowa - 6'2" - 320 pounds

Khristian Boyd is a Kansas City native who had a top-30 visit with the Chiefs. Boyd is freakishly strong, both on and off the field. He recently broke the Northern Iowa bench press record with 38 reps. That same strength shows up on tape too, along with a non-stop motor. Boyd's draft stock would likely be higher if it weren't for his short 31.5 inch arms. That lack of length can sometimes make it hard for him to disengage from blockers.

While Boyd isn't a big pass rusher, he can use his power and leverage to push the pocket. I really love Boyd's tape and the way he plays the game. I think he'd be a great player to pair with Jones after he had a season to develop. He may never be an elite player, but his power and work ethic will likely give him a solid career as a physical run stuffer.

Evan Anderson - Florida Atlantic - 6'3" - 356 pounds

If the Chiefs wanted to take a late-round flyer on a potential run-stuffing nose tackle type, FAU's Evan Anderson might be the most tempting dart throw. There isn't a lot of tape out there on Anderson, but in the limited film, you can find you see a massive defensive tackle that moves well for his size and plays with pretty good effort.

Against Clemson, which was likely the highest competition he faced, Anderson didn't look overmatched and held his ground against double teams on multiple occasions. Anderson would definitely be a project, but in the little bit I've seen of him he looks like one of the few late-round options that might have the build and power to be an above-average run defender in the NFL.

Now let's look at some defensive end prospects with the size/power/length to set the edge on early downs and kick inside on passing downs.