7-round Chiefs mock draft: New offensive foundation takes shape

In this 7-round mock draft, the Chiefs lay a long-term foundation for the team's offense.

Florida State v Florida
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Round 3, Pick 95: Braden Fiske, IDL Florida State

Jamari Thrash, Braden Fiske
2023 ACC Championship - Louisville v Florida State / Isaiah Vazquez/GettyImages

Braden Fiske is another part of the success story for Florida State and the transfer portal. After dominating at Western Michigan from 2019-2022 he made the jump to the ACC. Fiske is a traditional mauler that is a nightmare to block in one-on-one situations. He's got a knack for penetration and leverage. He's had 12 sacks over the last two seasons as well, so there is some ability as a pass rusher. He's not the biggest interior presence but his best reps showcase elite production.

There's no replacing Chris Jones, but Fiske is an attempt at upgrading from Derrick Nnadi and Matt Dickerson. Neil Farrell will certainly factor into the interior rotation for 2024 as well. Fiske does have more pass rush ability than Farrell and could potentially be a passing down interior player along with Tershawn Wharton (if he's brought back).

Fiske is a little old for the Chiefs, as they tend to like to draft players 23 or younger, but he might be a nice value on Day 2.