7 realistic trade targets for the Kansas City Chiefs before NFL's deadline

The NFL trade deadline is imminent, with the Kansas City Chiefs potentially on the lookout for a wide receiver to boost their struggling offense. Possibilities include Marquise "Hollywood" Brown from the Arizona Cardinals, Darius Slayton from the New York Giants, or the Denver Broncos' Courtland Sutton or Jerry Jeudy.

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2. Darius Slayton, WR, New York Giants

Why this move makes sense: The Giants are literally painful to watch. Daniel Jones is constantly under duress and Saquon Barkley is not available to make big plays for the offense. To add insult to injury, the Giants have not even been competitive outside of their one win against the hapless Cardinals. If you are looking at this season objectively as a member of the Giants front office, you are looking to get as many draft picks as possible for the coming years. You have no chance of making a run this season with Dallas and Philadelphia in the division.

For the Chiefs, Darius Slayton is the kind of receiver that compliments the talents of smaller, quicker receivers well. Slayton is able to make catches in the middle of the field and make plays down the sidelines on back-shoulder throws. Even though Slayton is not in the same ballpark as a guy like Marquise Brown, he would upgrade the offense immediately.

Potential compensation: Conditional 4th Round Pick

In order for this to work, the Giants are going to need to make a stipulation in the trade. They could make it based on what percentage of the snaps Slayton plays, or on a target-based statistic, or some other measure, but they will need to make it a conditional 4th. If he meets the criteria and makes a real impact on the roster, the Chiefs can give up a 4th. If it doesn't work out as well as planned, it could be a 5th round pick.

The Giants have a lot of receivers with name recognition. With the struggles that are very apparent, they should be looking to move any of them that they can't see a future for. For this compensation, the Chiefs could have a deal.

Slayton is not a youngster any more and the Giants have been in the business of drafting young receivers. In a year in which they are going to be .500 at the very best, why not give the young guys as many opportunities as possible?