7 realistic trade targets for the Kansas City Chiefs before NFL's deadline

The NFL trade deadline is imminent, with the Kansas City Chiefs potentially on the lookout for a wide receiver to boost their struggling offense. Possibilities include Marquise "Hollywood" Brown from the Arizona Cardinals, Darius Slayton from the New York Giants, or the Denver Broncos' Courtland Sutton or Jerry Jeudy.
Arizona Cardinals v San Francisco 49ers
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The NFL is officially nearing the trade deadline. To this point in NFL history, it has not become as transformative and jaw-dropping as the MLB version, but there are always a few moves that make a significant difference to a team or two.

With the NFL trade deadline approaching, the Kansas City Chiefs are certainly going to have their eye on a few players. Today, we try to speculate who the Chiefs might target, if they were to make a trade.

With the documented struggles at wide receiver, it seems clear that Kansas City might be looking to make a move for a playmaker. If not a playmaker on offense, they could also use some depth on the defensive side of the ball.

Without further ado, here are some players that make real sense for Kansas City at the deadline.

1. Marquise "Hollywood" Brown, WR, Arizona Cardinals

Why this move makes sense: For the Chiefs, this makes sense for a whole host of reasons. The biggest is that no one, outside of Travis Kelce, appears to be able to create separation. Kadarius Toney was touted as the future number-one receiver all offseason. It appears as though things are not working out as expected and they need to try to nab a true number one.

For the Cardinals, are you really competing this year? I understand that Arizona has played above the level that many expected, but that team is destined for a rebuild. Real questions about Kyler Murray returning as the full-time starter are trickling into media circles. Do you really want to pay a guy like Marquise Brown a bunch of cash with questions about his health looming on top of the other issues you have on the roster? Perhaps a draft pick and some cap space might be more palpable.

Potential compensation: Second-round pick and a conditional fifth

This seems like the sweet spot. The Chiefs are not in the business of trading away a bunch of picks. With Patrick Mahomes at the helm, having younger, cheaper talent is paramount. With that in mind, a second-round pick and a conditional fifth seem like a good deal for both sides. The Cardinals get two more young players on the roster for next year as well as some ammunition for trading up in the draft. The Chiefs get a playmaker that takes their offense to a higher level immediately.

If the Cardinals were to insist on a higher compensation, the Chiefs are not likely to make this trade. Of all of the players on the list, this is the biggest "swing for the fences." This move would change life in Kansas City's offense and would be a tremendous acquisition for Brett Veach in the middle of the season. It's unlikely, but we would love to see it.