7 realistic free agents the Kansas City Chiefs could sign in 2024

There are pipe dreams and measured takes. Let's tilt toward the latter and look at this year's free agent market.

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Grover Stewart, Defensive Tackle

This entry sits on the fence between realistic and not-so-much depending on what else is happening on defense. If the Chiefs are already on the hook for ~$30 million with Chris Jones, it might be hard to see them ponying up the money for Grover Stewart. Then again, he's exactly the sort of addition with or without Jones that would elevate the Chiefs' defensive front.

In case you've missed watching the Colts for the last few years, Stewart is the unheralded anchor who raises the effectiveness of the entire line when he's in. Last year he sat for a six-game suspension and the before/after results of having Stewart around were night/day for Indianapolis.

For a player whose statistical production is easily overlooked, Stewart is adored by the game's more analytical metrics. Stewart is one of the league's best at eating up double teams and defending the run and even at the age of 30, he's likely going to command a sizeable amount of money on a multi-year deal—perhaps something in range of his last deal at 3-year, $30M.

How much are the Chiefs willing to improve things up front? Grover Stewart would be a huge addition and would immediately take the unit to new heights.