7 realistic free agents the Kansas City Chiefs could sign in 2024

There are pipe dreams and measured takes. Let's tilt toward the latter and look at this year's free agent market.

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Drew Lock, Quarterback

We're ready for a rookie plunge, but to be honest, we're not expecting anything here. After all, the trend in K.C. only goes for veteran voices on the depth chart at quarterback.

If the Kansas City Chiefs are going to go with a veteran QB behind Patrick Mahomes at all times, then they should at least choose one with a bit of potential still remaining to use the "Andy Reid factor" to their advantage. Remember how the Philadelphia Eagles were able to trade away the likes of Kevin Kolb or A.J. Feeley for draft assets just because they'd been coached by Reid? The Chiefs should be doing the same.

So how about Drew Lock at this stage? If you're angry because the Chiefs would be replacing a Mizzou product in Blaine Gabbert this offseason, then Lock should at least keep those emotions at bay since he boasts the same alma mater. Plus Lock is younger with a higher potential ceiling—one that Reid's presence could help unlock (or at least appear to).

At this point, Lock is still only 27 years old and stranger headlines have been written in the NFL than a late-blooming quarterback taking a circuitous route to a starting role in the NFL. From Alex Smith to Geno Smith, the league has seen success stories of all kinds at quarterback and that's perhaps why no one should close the book on Lock just yet.

Not only would Lock give the Chiefs a live young arm to work with, but he also has enough experience to provide a bit of security should something happen to Mahomes for a short spell. And for the Columbia native, it'd be a homecoming that would allow him to chase a ring and learn from the best.