6 impact prospects the Chiefs should consider trading up for in the 2024 NFL Draft

As we get closer to the draft, we continue to hear whose stock is rising and whose is falling. Taking this into consideration, we take a look at the seven players that would be worth trading up for the Chiefs.
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6. Brian Thomas Jr., Wide Receiver, LSU

Our final player worth trading up for is the second standout wide receiver at LSU. While he is not quite as promising s his counterpart, Malik Nabers, who is a likely top 5-7 pick, he is still a tremendous asset to a receiving group. Standing 6'3, Brian Thomas moves like a much smaller individual. With great "twitch" in and out of his routes combined with 4.3 speed, he can leave defensive backs in the dust. In the right system, Thomas could develop into an absolute monster at the NFL level.

What might cause a slide?

While Brian Thomas Jr. is undoubtedly one of the top players at his position, there are a number of prospects who could be considered a more "polished" option in the first round. Some might prefer Adonai Mitchell from Texas, Ladd McConkey from Georgia, or even the intriguing upside of Keon Coleman from Florida State. It seems unlikely to me that Thomas falls beyond pick 12, but if he does, the Chiefs might begin to consider some trade-up packages.

Where is the "sweet spot" for a trade up and would the Chiefs consider it?

This would be a bigger trade-up than many of the others. Similarly to a deal that they might make for Rome Odunze (which is far less likely), they would have to move up a number of spots. The Chiefs aren't going to auction off the future to move up to the top ten for Thomas. They may, however, look at the sweet spot as the late teens. If he can slide to 17, where the Jaguars are scheduled to pick, they could start to consider their trade-up opportunities.