6 impact prospects the Chiefs should consider trading up for in the 2024 NFL Draft

As we get closer to the draft, we continue to hear whose stock is rising and whose is falling. Taking this into consideration, we take a look at the seven players that would be worth trading up for the Chiefs.
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5. Quinyon Mitchell, CB, Toledo

On this one, once again, I am picking out a personal favorite of mine. For the record, I believe that the Chiefs feel somewhat confident with what they have at the cornerback position and might not be looking to add a defensive back in the first round of the draft. If they do, however, Quinyon Mitchell would make for an excellent L'Jarius Sneed replacement. Mitchell is tough with tremendous speed and playmaking ability. With a stellar pass rush, Mitchell could force a bunch of turnovers in his NFL career.

What might cause a slide?

A couple of things here. Toledo is not a school that many look at and say, "Yes, I want to spend my first-round pick on a guy from THERE!" As dominant as Mitchell was at Toledo, he will likely still be an early pick, but I can see a number of general managers dropping him down their boards because of the school he went to. The other factor is that this draft class has a ton of talent at the cornerback position. In fact, some estimates are that up to six cornerbacks could be selected in the first round. While it may not happen, there is a scenario in which Mitchell falls much further than anticipated.

Where is the "sweet spot" for a trade up and would the Chiefs consider it?

I don't expect a massive trade for a cornerback. Once again, I believe that the Chiefs like a number of their guys at the position. If this were to happen, the Chiefs would need Mitchell to fall to the mid-20s. That way they would not have to spend too much precious capital on a position in which they already have some serious talent.