6 impact prospects the Chiefs should consider trading up for in the 2024 NFL Draft

As we get closer to the draft, we continue to hear whose stock is rising and whose is falling. Taking this into consideration, we take a look at the seven players that would be worth trading up for the Chiefs.
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3. Laiatu Latu, EDGE, UCLA

With this one, who knows? Laiatu Latu was a dominant force at UCLA. Despite this, his athletic testing has not been as high as a few other members of this class. There has been a great disparity in where he is positioned in mock drafts. He has been mocked to go in the top ten and he has been projected to fall to the 20s. If it does end up being the latter, the Chiefs should be "all-in."

What might cause a slide?

Again, his athletic scoring did not scream, "EXPLOSIVE ATHLETE!" Another thing to consider is that he is older than some of the other EDGE players in his class. This gives the team that drafts him less overall time to find his prime. He is regarded as a good-to-great player but where he might go remains to be seen.

Where is the "sweet spot" for a trade up and would the Chiefs consider it?

In my opinion, there are very few scenarios in which the Chiefs wouldn't be interested in Latu. The price to move up is going to be what makes or breaks a move like this. It would be surprising to me if he fell beyond pick 15 after the Broncos, Saints, and Colts make their selections. If he does, however, there could be a number of teams looking to move up; The Chiefs being one of them.