6 impact prospects the Chiefs should consider trading up for in the 2024 NFL Draft

As we get closer to the draft, we continue to hear whose stock is rising and whose is falling. Taking this into consideration, we take a look at the seven players that would be worth trading up for the Chiefs.
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2. Tailese Fuaga, Offensive Tackle, Oregon State

Tailese Fuaga is admittedly a "draft crush" of mine. While some consider him a player who might shift to guard at the NFL level, many can see that he has the potential to be an elite offensive tackle. Fuaga has tremendous strength and a great anchor. While he is not the quickest player laterally, he is able to recover most of the time due to his length. Imagine Orlando Brown Jr., except more athletic and better at football.

What might cause a slide?

As aforementioned, Fuaga is not a speedster. He is also not regarded as one of the top two or three linemen in his class. Without his skills being totally refined yet, he has some growing to do. It seems much more likely that an established team, like the Chiefs, would have an interest in allowing Fuaga to compete in year one and then take over the position for the foreseeable future. He is not "boom or bust" but he is more of a project than some other players taken in the first.

Where is the "sweet spot" for a trade up and would the Chiefs consider it?

This is not a dramatic trade-up by any means. There are several scenarios in which Fuaga falls to the later part of the first night. I believe that he will most likely be gone by pick 15. If not, however, the Chiefs might have a close eye on him if he were to fall to 22. Could the Eagles make for a potential trade partner here—a team that should want more draft picks as they have to start paying Jalen Hurts big money?