5 vital questions the Kansas City Chiefs must answer before the postseason

Let's look at some of the biggest questions the Chiefs need to answer to become/ remain the Super Bowl favorite.
Kansas City Chiefs v Denver Broncos
Kansas City Chiefs v Denver Broncos / Justin Edmonds/GettyImages
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2. How can the Chiefs run the ball more efficiently?

Last season the Chiefs had games that they won primarily on their ability to effectively run the ball into light boxes. They had drives where they never threw a pass (against the Chargers in Week 11) and their ability to recommit to the run helped them climb back into the Super Bowl against the Eagles.

We know with Andy Reid the Chiefs are never going to be a run-dominant team. However, the Chiefs' inability to punish teams for playing light boxes is killing them. Teams are more willing than ever to bracket Kelce, play single high and flood intermediate zones, or man up every pass catcher that's not Kelce.

Is it the chicken? or is it the egg? The Chiefs have been putrid at throwing the ball deep this year. Are their struggles in the run connected to teams not honoring their deep threats? Or are teams just better at stopping the run without stacking the box? The answer is likely both.

It should also be noted that the difference in the tackle play is a contributing factor here as well. Donovan Smith and Jawaan Taylor have not been able to replicate what Wylie and Brown did in the run game. K.C. needs to punish teams one way or another: over the top or in the run game.

3. Is Mecole Hardman actually a good returner?

This one is simple, really. The Chiefs' current version of the offense can't afford to waste possessions with muffed punts or punts fielded at the 1-yard line. Bringing back Mecole Hardman made sense as Kadarius Toney insurance and as a cheap, effective way to raise the floor of the offense.

Hardman was instantly placed back into a punt returner role where he's had both success and disappointment. At this point, he's been more of a liability than a contributor. Montrell Washington seemed sure-handed just not dynamic. KC might be better off using him in most situations only to turn to Hardman in key situations similar to what they used to do with Tyreek Hill.