5 overreactions to the Chiefs' dominance of the Chargers in Week 7

All is well in Chiefs Kingdom, but there's still plenty to (over)react to.
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Overreaction #5: The Chiefs need to move on from Clyde immediately.

It is impossible to fear Clyde Edwards-Helaire at this point. He doesn't have the burst of Jerick McKinnon or the power of Isiah Pacheco, yet he continues to get touches in the Chiefs offensive attack. The Chiefs need to move on from the former first-round pick immediately, for the sake of the team.

I cannot think of a moment where I, as a football fan and writer, have been happy to see Edwards-Helaire in the backfield this season. He is what he is, and that is not a good thing. He had two rushes for five yards against the Chargers, with his longest run being seven yards. Do the math. That is what he has been as a player this season. Every now and then, Edwards-Helaire will have a positive play, an above-average one. But the overwhelming majority is negative.

Through Week 6, Edwards-Helaire had 36 touches, 30 rushes, and six receptions. He averages minuscule numbers in house touches, with 3.33 yards per rush and 6 yards per reception. On top of that, 67% of his touches end with a negative impact on the drive, according to the EPA. It doesn't matter where the Chiefs are on the field, what down it is, or what the result is. More often than not, Edwards-Helaire is hurting the offense.

Improvement can come from other avenues. If the Chiefs are insistent upon splitting touches with Pacheco and another back, they need to explore trade options and ones that at least have a trait that defenses have to respect. Edwards-Helaire is not striking fear into the opposition or confidence into the fan base. Get him out of here.