5 overreactions to the Chiefs' dominance of the Chargers in Week 7

All is well in Chiefs Kingdom, but there's still plenty to (over)react to.

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The Kansas City Chiefs' stranglehold on the AFC West took another step forward this Sunday. The Chiefs sent the Arrowhead faithful home happy with an exciting 31-17 win over the visiting Los Angeles Chargers. One look says it all if you ever need to know what playing against Patrick Mahomes and Andy Reid is like.

Mahomes and tight end Travis Kelce were setting records before the first half concluded. The defense pitched a shutout in the game's second half after a porous first-half showing. For the first time in a while, there is not an overwhelming negative to take away from a Chiefs game. There is not a "well, they won" to throw around until the next game. The defense looked good, the offense looked explosive again, and everything felt right with the Chiefs having a massive lead in the division.

But it would not be a Chiefs game without overreactions to follow. How are we feeling after the Chiefs' sixth win in a row?

Overreaction #1: The Chiefs are better with Taylor Swift watching.

The stats are better. The viewership is better. The clout is higher. Stop crying about Taylor Swift watching her man, Travis Kelce, play every Sunday. The on- and off-field products are better, and the Chiefs are the biggest benefactors.

Kelce may be the biggest benefactor of them all. He is averaging 93.75 yards per game with Swift in the stands, with three touchdowns in those four games as well. Kansas City is already on a six-game winning streak this season, but it helps that the offense has shown out each game that Swift has attended. Kansas City is averaging 30.5 points on offense and has an average point differential of 13.75 points. It is hard to argue with winning games by an average of two touchdowns.

Besides, how many years were the Chiefs mired in the basement of the National Football League? Arrowhead is a destination now. The Chiefs are filling up a primetime slot nearly every week. The years of noon kickoffs and unexcited broadcasters should make Chiefs fans more excited for the attention that comes.

When it comes down to it, Swift is a net positive regarding Kansas City Chiefs football. Whatever makes Travis happy should make us happy.