5 Kansas City Chiefs who helped themselves most in the regular season finale

These Chiefs seized the opportunity given to them in the regular-season finale against the Chargers.

Kansas City Chiefs v Los Angeles Chargers
Kansas City Chiefs v Los Angeles Chargers / Kevork Djansezian/GettyImages
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The Kansas City Chiefs won their regular season finale against the Los Angeles Chargers 13-12 on Sunday. While the win was meaningless in terms of their playoff standings, it wasn't completely meaningless for several of the players on the field. In fact, it may have helped several Chiefs moving forward. Hopefully, these positives outweigh any possible injuries they may have suffered.

Some of these players may have put themselves in a position to see the field more in the playoffs and some of them helped their stock for making the team or having a bigger role next season. That having been said, let's kick off this list with the player who helped himself in a different kind of way.

5. Chris Jones

Chris Jones was already one of K.C.'s most important players and his performance in this game didn't change that. Jones will still be a major factor in K.C.'s playoff success, but I doubt that his performance Sunday has any effect on whether he's back in K.C. next season.

So why is Chris Jones on this list of Chiefs that helped themselves in this game? Well, I've got 1,250,000 reasons why. The Chiefs let Jones chase (and I do mean chase) the one sack he needed to earn his $1.25 million bonus. Most Chiefs fans were screaming at their televisions to get Jones out of the game so he didn't get hurt, but the Chiefs let him keep trying.

In retrospect, it was a huge mistake by the Chargers not to let Jones get his sack early and get him out of the game. Since Jones kept playing on passing downs into the third quarter he totaled 12 quarterback pressures and wreaked havoc on Easton Stick for about 60 percent of this game. Regardless, Jones will sleep well this week knowing he helped his bank account in a major way.

Now let's get the players that helped themselves in more of a football sense.