5 cheat codes that will have the Chiefs right back in Super Bowl 59

Sorry, NFL, but these Chiefs aren't fading anytime soon.

AFC Championship - Kansas City Chiefs v Baltimore Ravens
AFC Championship - Kansas City Chiefs v Baltimore Ravens / Perry Knotts/GettyImages
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4. Leadership continuity

This one should almost be illegal.

Think back to any other team that could even attempt to lay claim to a dynasty and then recall how often the team was forced to replenish its own staff year after year after year. How many of Bill Belichick's disciples were offered head coaching gigs one after another? How many former New England execs were given keys to front offices around the NFL?

For those who say, "Well, the problem is that you can't replicate Mahomes," you never heard anyone demanding Tom Brady clones to accompany the likes of Mike Vrabel or Josh McDaniels to their new teams. Or maybe therein lies the issue: the horrible track record of most New England exports away from Foxborough.

Well, here's the thing: NFL teams have to hire someone yet it's amazing how the Chiefs are somehow able to maintain their leaders season after season. Ask yourself if Steve Spagnuolo would have made this much of an impact if he'd not had a half-decade within which he could learn his players' abilities, fine-tune his communication with the front office, and toy with concepts in such a safe sandbox.

Consistency is so important to what the Chiefs are building and no one seems to even want to disrupt the process. It's silly on the part of other teams, but the Chiefs will take the advantage all the same.