5 cheat codes that will have the Chiefs right back in Super Bowl 59

Sorry, NFL, but these Chiefs aren't fading anytime soon.

AFC Championship - Kansas City Chiefs v Baltimore Ravens
AFC Championship - Kansas City Chiefs v Baltimore Ravens / Perry Knotts/GettyImages
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2. Travis Kelce has plenty left in the tank

There were multiple points this season at which Travis Kelce looked like a man considering a future apart from football. They were moments of limited production—moments when opposing defenses were so keyed in on Kelce at the expense of leaving others open and it didn't matter because the Chiefs wide receivers couldn't even get out of their own way.

When you paired those moments with his burgeoning entertainment career or his romantic relationship with Taylor Swift, it made sense for Kelce to think about such things, even if he wouldn't admit it.

Fast forward through the bulk of the postseason, however, and it feels as if this Chiefs offense is finally where it wanted to be all along. Kelce is on a blistering pace of production and is feeling fresh these days with Rashee Rice taking some of the pressure from him and Pacheco forcing more respect for the run. Auxiliary targets are also taking care of business instead of creating frustration.

Kelce once told us not too long ago that he'd play until the wheels come off and then we forgot as he played through some minor injuries. But the same elite pass catcher is still chasing records and adding to his Hall of Fame resume and as long as he's interested, the Chiefs aren't going anywhere.