4 overreactions to the Chiefs' pitiful loss to the Broncos in Week 8

The streak has ended. But, like The Undertaker, will the Kansas City Chiefs rise from this loss? Or did the Denver Broncos break their proverbial backs?
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4. The red zone offense needs serious attention

The Chiefs currently roster two of the greatest offensive players of this generation and one of the best offensive coaches of all time. So, tell me, why is it so hard to score on red zone possessions?

The Chiefs made three trips to the red zone and did not record a touchdown on any of those trips. Consider how different Sunday's game would have gone if Kansas City had cashed in on one or two red zone trips. Those scores would not have covered the scoring differential, but they would have had a considerable impact on the momentum, with fans having confidence that the Chiefs could score in Denver.

The Chiefs offensive coaching staff has caught their fair share of criticism following Sunday's loss. Frankly, this was not the first time the unit looked lost and overwhelmed. Despite Kansas City being a statistical top-10 offense, something has seemed off for the season's first eight weeks. Scoring in the red zone is the ultimate coaching test. It is a condensed field that takes away the deep threat, forcing offensive coaches to out-scheme their defensive opponents. The Chiefs have struggled at that all year. Kansas City fell to 18th in red-zone scoring percentage following Sunday's loss.

That may not feel terrible, but the Arizona Cardinals and Carolina Panthers both have better percentages than Kansas City's 51.6%. The Chiefs have some of the greatest offensive assets football fans have ever seen, yet they struggle to capitalize when it matters most—or when it should be easiest, at least.