4 overreactions to the Chiefs' pitiful loss to the Broncos in Week 8

The streak has ended. But, like The Undertaker, will the Kansas City Chiefs rise from this loss? Or did the Denver Broncos break their proverbial backs?
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The Kansas City Chiefs traveled to Mile High riding a 16-game winning streak against the Denver Broncos and a 13-game winning streak against divisional opponents. The Broncos were in the divisional cellar and figured to be a good get-right opponent for the Chiefs.

Well, that did not turn out according to plan, now did it?

The phrase "Any given Sunday" rang truest on Sunday afternoon, when superstar Patrick Mahomes likely had the worst game of his career, the offensive coaching was atrocious, and Kansas City's AFC dominance took a major blow. The Chiefs cannot win every Sunday, but this is likely the most embarrassing loss since the Indianapolis Colts game last season. Their Week 1 loss to the Detroit Lions figured to be the team's forgivable and forgettable loss, but this one is the exact opposite.

The 24-9 loss was entirely the Chiefs beating themselves, even more so than they did in the season opener. The offense went 3 for 14 across third and fourth downs while totaling five total turnovers. That is the most the Chiefs have surrendered since the thrilling Monday night football loss to the Los Angeles Rams on November 19, 2018. What might be more embarrassing is that the Chiefs are just the second team this season to have five or more turnovers in a game. The first team was Eric Bieniemy's new employer, the Washington Commanders.

The team still has time to address personnel questions ahead of the trade deadline, but this game exposed some deep problems in this Kansas City squad. The Chiefs travel to Germany to face the red-hot Miami Dolphins in Frankfurt. That flight across the pond may be a sobering one, as the Chiefs face their best opponent thus far on the heels of this pitiful loss.

Before moving on to the Dolphins, let's react to some of the biggest issues and stories following the loss in Denver.