4 overreactions to Kansas City Chiefs nightmare loss on MNF

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2. Rain or shine, Arrowhead Stadium is the best home field in the NFL

Chiefs fans have known this for years. It is high time the rest of the league admits it. There is no better home-field advantage in football than the one at 1 Arrowhead Drive.

National media will talk all about the advantages the Chiefs have on the field and the sidelines. That is what happens when a top-five coach has generational talents on offense. But, a great advantage sits mere yards from the opposing players at all times, with people from all walks of life coming together for the love of their Chiefs. Long-time Chiefs fans can hang their hats on affecting the game as one and we have seen that multiple times.

Remember, this is the same fanbase that set a Guinness World Record for stadium noise back in 2014. The fans in Arrowhead reached 142.2 decibels against the New England Patriots, in a normal regular season game. Imagine how loud the fans were when the Cowardly Lion known as John Elway had to bring the referees in to quiet the crowd back in 1990.

The fans in Arrowhead give the Chiefs an advantage to this day. Kansas City's 54 wins at home is the most since the 2015 season started, with a four-game lead over the Green Bay Packers. The team has the record, but each fan makes the home-field advantage even better. Add on volatile Midwest weather and Arrowhead Stadium is an intimidating place to play in for any visiting team.