4 overrated free agents the Kansas City Chiefs should stay away from

Here are four players that Kansas City should absolutely avoid, unless they come with an offer that's too good to pass up.

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S Jamal Adams

Health. Production. Intangibles. Whatever Kansas City is looking for in a defensive free agent acquisition, safety Jamal Adams doesn't have it. Casual fans point to his dominant run from 2018-2020 in New York, where he racked up three Pro Bowls and three All-Pro appearances. But, this is 2024. What has he done lately?

Sadly, not much. Injuries limited him to 10 games across the past two seasons, and he hasn't played more than 12 games since 2019. Adams was an absolute pass coverage liability last year, allowing an ugly 122.1 passer rating in 287 coverage snaps. Pass coverage hasn't been his calling card for years, but one would have hoped more NFL experience would help Adams improve in coverage.

Safeties have gone the way of running backs, with short playing careers and less long-term money. Adams' four-year, $70.58 million contract and subsequent poor performance was a contractual turning point for the worst regarding safeties. Outside of Jessie Bates III for the Atlanta Falcons, most of the league's most valuable safeties are either on single-year deals or on rookie deals. Adams' story had major ramifications on his peers' earning power, both in money and commitment length.

There is room for speculation if Adams would revitalize his career under defensive coordinator Steve Spagnuolo. Spags loves sending defensive back blitzes, and he stands to lose Trent McDuffie as a go-to option if L'Jarius Sneed doesn't stay in Kansas City. Adams could have situational value, but would Veach hinder a younger, more controllable defensive back with one year of Adams? I just don't see it.