4 notable former Chiefs players still looking for 2024 teams

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LT Donovan Smith

The Chiefs seem to have at least one surprising signing each offseason. After general manager Brett Veach and company brought in offensive tackle Jawaan Taylor, the left tackle position seemed set. However, they brought in another experienced option, Donovan Smith, ahead of 2023. He had a great opportunity on a one-year deal to secure a probably final payday. But health and penalties have kept Smith available on the market.

Yellow flags denote penalties on the field, but the sheer number of penalties Smith has accrued is a massive red flag. With 29 penalties over the last four years, he is tied for the third-most penalized player during that period. In 2022 alone, while with Tampa Bay, he was the second most-penalized offensive lineman, and in the 2023 season, he accumulated 6 penalties in 12 games.

Penalties are an acceptable byproduct of elite production, like cornerback L'Jarius Sneed's penalties last season. But Smith was far from elite or even average in 2023. He was routinely overmatched athletically and repeated a mediocre 2022 season rather than returning to his better form from previous years.

The real sticking point for Smith has to be health concerns. At the age of 30, Smith's health has come into question, especially after missing the final five games of the regular season due to a neck injury. Although he returned for the postseason, teams will be cautious of potential persistent medical issues.

Smith should land another one-year deal from a team somewhere, and Kansas City isn't out of the question. But he is not a priority for any team at this point in the offseason.