4 Kansas City Chiefs franchise records that won't be broken anytime soon

Here are some truly astounding Kansas City Chiefs franchise records, ones that will not be broken any time soon.
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The Kansas City Chiefs, with a rich history spanning football leagues, boast numerous long-lasting records. While Chiefs fans can watch the franchise's winningest coach or all-time receiving leader take the field now, some franchise records do not seem touchable. It speaks to not only that rich history but also some of the truly amazing talents that have worn a Chiefs uniform across the decades of football.

Fans should always want records to be broken. But it is admittedly nice to see some records stand to remind future fans of how impactful a certain player was. There are generations of Kansas City fans who never saw Derrick Thomas take a snap, Len Dawson rally the troops, or Dante Hall juke a man into the ground.

In that vein, here are some truly astounding Chiefs franchise records, but ones that will not be broken any time soon.

1. Most Career Interceptions - Emmitt Thomas (58 Interceptions)

Kansas City Chiefs cornerback Emmitt Thomas intercepts a pass
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Why It's Unbreakable: Cornerback Emmitt Thomas's record of 58 career interceptions quantifies not only his skill, but also the era he played in. Back when Thomas played 181 games from 1966-1978, defensive players could be more assertive than they are today. It was truly a different time for football.

Modern NFL offenses and quarterbacks are also more refined, making interceptions harder to rack up. For example, Thomas accrued 12 interceptions in 1974, when teams would average throwing 1.4 interceptions per game. 2023 NFL offenses only average 0.8 interceptions per game, nearly less than half of the rate in the past.

Thomas’s obvious talent, coupled with his career longevity, set the bar very high for any Chiefs chasing his record. The active interceptions leader in Kansas City is linebacker Nick Bolton, with a whopping three to his name. That is three more than I will ever snap, but it further shows how special Thomas' record is.

2. Most Career Rushing Touchdowns - Priest Holmes (76 Touchdowns)

Kansas City Chiefs running back Priest Holmes
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Why It's Unbreakable: The record of 76 career rushing touchdowns by running back Priest Holmes is a remarkable feat that highlights his dominance during a brief period. His peak years, from 2002 to 2004, saw Holmes rush for 62 touchdowns in just three seasons. Consistently scoring a high number of touchdowns requires exceptional talent, a potent offense, and a significant number of carries. Finding this trio is increasingly rare in today's NFL.

In the present-day NFL, characterized by running back committees and a trend of shorter tenures with one team, the probability of a Kansas City player surpassing such a high number of rushing touchdowns is slim. Quarterback Patrick Mahomes and running backs Clyde Edwards-Helaire and Isiah Pacheco are tied among active Chiefs players for the most rushing touchdowns, with 12 each.

Similar to Thomas, the evolving schemes and varying talent levels in the NFL contribute to the perception that this record is insurmountable. Considering that franchise legends such as Jamaal Charles and Christian Okoye fall significantly short of Holmes's mark, the Texas alum's record will endure.

3. Most Career Kick Return Yards - Dante Hall (10,136 Yards)

Kansas City Chiefs wide receiver Dante Hall
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Why It's Unbreakable: Dante Hall, dubbed "The Human Joystick," has a career total of 10,136 kick return yards, demonstrating his incredible speed and vision. Hall possessed the talent and football IQ to turn any game around when he touched the ball. His tremendous performances, such as the back-to-back return touchdowns in 2003, cemented his place in NFL history and in fans' hearts. However, it is improbable that another Kansas City or NFL player will match his achievement.

Changes in NFL rules aimed at boosting player safety have resulted in more kicks going unreturned (touchbacks) and fewer return opportunities, lowering the odds of today's players making large returns. The modern kickoff game has even the Chiefs pondering letting safety Justin Reid kick their kickoffs, a bizarre thought 10 years ago. Today's elite returners simply don't have the same opportunities to gain as many yards as fan favorite Devin Hester did in their primes.

Besides, Kansas City doesn't have a player known for dynamic kick returns on the roster. Wide receiver Mecole Hardman leads all active Chiefs returners with 1,496 total return yards. That massive gap only further solidifies Hall's position as the top returner.

4. Most Consecutive Starts - Will Shields (223 Games)

Kansas City Chiefs offensive lineman Will Shields
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Why It's Unbreakable: Offensive lineman Will Shields’s record of 223 consecutive starts is not only the longest in Kansas City Chiefs franchise history, but one of the longest in NFL history. His streak is the sixth longest in league history, trailing Brett Favre's 297 for the longest ever. Playing that many consecutive games, especially in the trenches, is an amazing achievement.

The 2015 Hall of Famer recorded 12 consecutive Pro Bowls as well during this run, thanks to his pivotal role in one of the most dominant offensive line units ever. His career overlaps with so many greats, such as tight end Tony Gonzalez, Holmes, and Hall. Fans would likely see Shields' #68 at the run's point of attack, a welcome sight for them and the Kansas City running backs. Shields must have prioritized taking care of his body, mind, and soul to achieve that many starts at football's highest level.