4 former Chiefs starters who might be done in the NFL

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4. Darius Harris

The average Chiefs fan might not know who Darius Harris is seeing how he mostly contributed on special teams during his four seasons in Kansas City. This past year, he took part in 58% of special teams snaps and has been a solid contributor there for the Chiefs.

That being said, Harris is currently a free agent. The Chiefs looked like they've moved on with Cam Jones, Jack Cochrane, and Cole Christiansen in the middle to go with rookie free agents like Curtis Jacobs, who has generated some of the biggest buzz among UDFAs, along with Swayze Bozeman and Luquay Washington.

If the Chiefs haven't signed Harris yet, they probably aren't planning on it. The Chiefs have plenty of depth at linebacker and clearly believe in their special teams unit enough without needing to bring him back.